Countinghouse Introduces A Forex Hedge Fund For Its Crypto Investors

Countinghouse Introduces A Forex Hedge Fund For Its Crypto Investors

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May 25, 2018 by admin
Countinghouse presents an innovative platform for crypto investors to make money from the highly volatile cryptocurrency market. With the help of proprietary techniques and coded algorithms Countinghouse aims to reap maximum benefits for its users. 

Countinghouse fund was developed by a team of market professionals who have several years of trading experience in the foreign exchange market. The volatile nature of the market offers more opportunity for the trades to make profits from their short-term trading activities. Since cryptocurrency markets are more volatile than Forex, traders can generate better profits from their investments. The company has generated more than 100% returns from its Forex trading for 3 consecutive years. Since the platform already has an established trading arena, the investments made by all the new members would be entirely used for trading.

Features of Countinghouse

  • The team at Countinghouse would be conducting their cryptocurrency trading activities using one of their most successful algorithms that have yielded high returns at Forex markets. The algorithm-based cryptocurrency trading has already been tested by the company with an initial investment of $50,000. Over a period of 12 months, the results were quite promising.

  • The trading services offered by Countinghouse are different from other cryptocurrency exchanges. The company would use the investor’s money to form a direct-hedge fund. The direct-hedging strategy will allow the traders to readily offset market with the placement of multiple trades.

  • The company cannot be termed as a trading platform. It is a team of professionals who would be employing brokers to execute brilliant trading strategies on exchanges. Rather than relying on the position or swing trading, the brokers would be initiating the trades based on their algorithms. The system would be delivering profits, irrespective of the direction of the market movements.

The team behind Countinghouse

Tim Dawson is the Director and Quantitative Analyst at Countinghouse. He has a strong background in mathematics, computers, and programming. With the help of advanced coding and mathematical algorithms, he devises trading strategies that can reap consistent profits in a volatile market environment.

Mike Pomery is the Director of Operations at Countinghouse. He has ample experience in trading activities and is a trained expert in psychology, statistics, and research. He is also a recognized author.

Chris Yap is the Physical Assets Advisor at Countinghouse. He has several years of experience in investment and financial sectors. He has successfully mentored several physical asset projects.

Steve Pogacic is the Ethics Manager at Countinghouse. He is responsible for analyzing and verifying the effects of crypto investments and funds on real-world markets.

Nathan Cooke is the Head of IT at Countinghouse. He is also the Blockchain Advisor for the whole venture. He is the director of Wisper Connect, which is the channel partner of Countinghouse.

Should you invest in Countinghouse Fund?

Countinghouse represents an established trading service led by a team of highly experienced and able professionals who are expert in Forex markets. The company has consistently exhibited exceptional performance from its trading ventures. The company would be introducing its ICO for gathering a team of cryptocurrency investors. Considering the volatility of the market, the Countinghouse investors are more likely to gain higher and faster returns in cryptocurrency trading when compared to Forex trades.

ICO goal: Hard-Cap 50,000,000 CHT

Token: ERC20 Ethereum token

Ticker: CHT

ICO Details Overview

  • 3rd April 2018 0:00 GMT to 12th June 2018 0:00 GMT

  • The token-price: 1 ETH=1000 Countinghouse Fund (CHT) tokens

  • Hard-Cap: 50million CHT tokens

Distribution Of Raised Capital

  • Passive reserve (Debentures, and ICO investment): 10%

  • Double-Sided Arbitrage strategy: 30%

  • Crypto-Currency algorithmic trading: 60%






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